Ringing in the New Year: Five Engagement Rings We Love

The Classic Beauty

IMG_8280 (1).JPG
Emmie’s ring stuns with a plethora of glittering stones in a round setting and a diamond halo. Selected from the collection of Bernard’s Jewelers in Statesboro, Georgia, the ring’s one-of-a-kind beauty speaks to the benefits of working with a local jeweler. The classic style is modernized with a unique twisted band.

The Family Heirloom

Gracie’s engagement ring was passed down through her family for generations. “The ring was actually my grandma’s when my grandpa proposed to her,” Gracie shared. “They have both passed away within the last few years and I’m so blessed to have this part of them to carry with me everyday.” The stunning image of Gracie’s ring was taken by Mak’s Captured Moments, based out of Gloucester, VA.

The Va Va Voom

Ransey’s dramatic engagement ring is not short on sparkle. The ring, crafted by Neil Lane, features a large center cut stone. The eye-catching centerpiece is offset by a diamond halo and diamond band for extra shine.

The Unique Stone

Leticia’s gorgeous pale-pink ring from SellerOfJewels features an oval cut and a morganite stone. Morganite, a variety of beryl, was discovered on the island of Madagascar in 1910, but has only recently gained popularity for use in engagement rings. The glittering pastel stones offer an affordable and unique alternative to diamonds.

The Winter Wonderland

Jeannette’s engagement ring, from Harris Jewelers, and wedding band, from Kay Jewelers, outshine the snow. Her engagement ring, with four center stones and a large diamond halo, boasts a double diamond band. Perfect for channeling your inner princess.

Which style is your favorite? Share with us your dream ring below in the Comments section!

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