Neutral and Soft Green Scenic Rocky Mountain Wedding in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Rachel and Caleb’s scenic Rocky Mountain wedding combined neutrals with soft greens for a fresh and bright color palette that showcased the beauty of the Colorado setting.

“I’m a bit of a hippy,” the bride laughed. “We went for a natural boho/rustic style brimming with floral accents. We didn’t want to drown out the natural beauty of the venue by over-decorating, and I’m glad we didn’t!”


The couple encountered an unexpected challenge when the outdoor ceremony they planned was rained out. “Originally, our ceremony was supposed to be outdoors— we had a stunning arch on a hilltop that overlooked the Rocky Mountains, but our wedding day turned out to be the only day that week that wasn’t 80 degrees and sunny. In typical Colorado fashion, it was a high of 53 and raining! I had to let go of my original vision in a matter of hours, which I’m sure any bride will understand was a difficult thing to do with grace.”

Luckily, Rachel and Caleb’s family members were up to the task. “The way our families pulled together to move everything inside and change plans was, believe it or not, worth it. It made everything about our wedding day entirely genuine— everyone felt like they were participating, and that made the day more meaningful for everyone,” the bride shared.


How did you meet your spouse?
Caleb and I had both moved to Colorado for school when we met. I was beginning my degree in English Literature at a university in Denver and he had just finished basic training at the Air Force Academy. Each year, the Academy hosts a ball for the freshmen cadets fresh out of basic, and by a strange twist of fate I tagged along with a group of girls to be a mysterious cadet’s date. Caleb was actually not my date, though, so it wasn’t until I lost my date for a moment to escape his “salsa-dancing” skills that Caleb caught me and we had a brief, passing conversation that was full of electric eye-contact and nervous laughter. Several weeks later, he visited me at school, and the rest was history!


What was your favorite moment of your wedding?
That’s a tough one! Since ‘everything’ probably isn’t the answer you’re looking for, I’ll choose one of my favorites—in the moment after I’d walked down the aisle, just before the pastor spoke, there was a brief hush before it all started. My dad had built us a massive, gorgeous cross rigged from the rafters of the barn. When I reached the end of the aisle, the back doors slid open revealing the sprawling Rocky Mountain view behind us and illuminating the hanging cross from behind. I heard everyone gasp from their seats. It was one of those moments I couldn’t have planned even if I wanted to!

What advice would you give to other military brides?
Don’t forget that your wedding is a ceremony, not a performance. It doesn’t need to be choreographed to perfection. No matter the expectations that any of your guests or families bring in the door, everyone will get to witness the commitment you are making to one another, and what they think about the decorative or functional choices you make to make it all happen won’t be all that important! In short: elevate the real meaning behind the day, and it will be gorgeous.


Florals: Twigs and Posies
Bride’s Attire: Tara Keely from Ania Bridal
Event Planning: Katelyn Sandell
Venue: Younger Ranch
DJ: Blue Moon Entertainment
Catering: Broken Bones BBQ
Photographer: Allison Easterling Photography
Second Photographer: Becky Kyle

Procession Song: I Will Be There by Odessa
Bridal Procession: Instrumental II by Noah And The Whale
First Dance Song: Paris In June by Johnnyswim
Father-Daughter Dance: I Loved Her First by Heartland
Mother-Son: You Are My Sunshine by Chris Stapleton, Morgane Stapleton

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