Small Wedding? No Problem! Julia and Dylan’s Intimate Army Ceremony

Julia and Dylan’s cozy Army wedding showcases the benefits of a small, intimate ceremony.

When Julia first logged on to an app called Meet Me, she had no idea it would be the beginning of a whirlwind romance. “I was just there looking for friends, not really anyone special,” She explained. “Until Dylan messaged me.” From there, things moved quickly. The two became friends, bonding over shared interests. Soon, they became more than friends. “We both knew we were truly meant for each other because we’re the exact same!” Four months into dating, Dylan popped the question.




For the couple, a large, traditional wedding was out of the question. “I’m very shy with big crowds,” Julia explained. “I just wanted to be comfortable at my wedding.” Money was tight, so the bride-to-be purchased a discounted dress from another Army wife. The couple arranged for a judge to marry them in a local park. A grand total of 8 were in attendance, including Julia and Dylan. “We wanted small and simple,” the bride said of their decision. “Our vision was really two people coming together as one.”

With Dylan’s military commitments, the festivities were brief. “After the wedding we took pictures. Then, unfortunately, my new husband had to drop me off at home and go back to work. He is leaving this week, so we don’t have plans to celebrate until he comes back.”



What was your favorite part of the ceremony?
I think my favorite part of the ceremony was that when the judge was marrying Dylan and I, we had the hardest time looking at each other without giggling our butts off. Our giggling showed my parents and friends our actual relationship. We’re always laughing and having fun.

What is your advice for other military brides?
My advice to any other women out there is: All the tiny details in planning a wedding don’t matter. As long as you have yourself and your fiancé and the judge or pastor and some friends – that’s all that really matters. Nothing else.


3 thoughts on “Small Wedding? No Problem! Julia and Dylan’s Intimate Army Ceremony

  1. I love love love this and am so happy for you two! Perhaps later down the road, a local greeting/reception can be held so we can fuss over you two in real time. Enjoy this time….. make more memories! Love you much ♡ Sheila


  2. Wow! Congratulations!!! I love that you incorporated the military!


  3. Oh my gosh… Your story about how y’all met is just like mine! Were not engaged yet but plan to be in the future!


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